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Namaste from Nepal!

Today is our second operative day at Hospital Kirtipur.  Each morning we commute in several cars from downtown Kathmandu to Kirtipur.  Kirtipur is an ancient city of Nepal located in the Kathmandu Valley about 5 km south-west of Kathmandu (courtesy of Wikipedia).

The hospital has existed since only 2006 when it began as a 15-bed hospital; it has grown rapidly since and now has about 100 beds, and includes an ICU, an emergency room, a burn unit, and multiple operating rooms.  There is a plan to expand to 300 beds in the near future, and our host Dr. Rai has recently established a plastic surgery residency here.

Our day began with resident presentations on cases performed the day before as well as overnight admissions, as well as a preview of today’s cases.  Dr. Marshall Partington then gave a talk on wrist burn scar contracture release.  We then had 3 cases:

Case # 1:  Wrist burn scar contracture release with radial artery perforator flap, tendon lengthening, and split thickness skin graft (remote flame burn in 24 y.o. female with 90 degree wrist flexion contracture).


Case # 2: Release of electrical burn scar contracture right index finger DIP joint with local flap, percutaneous pinning, and full thickness skin graft (11 year old boy burned as a toddler).


Case # 3: Amputation of left long finger with filet of finger flap to cover left ring finger, full thickness skin graft to left thumb, and groin flap to cover dorsal wrist/hand wound.

 Electrical burn to left hand with exposed tendon and neurovascular bundles of left long and ring fingers in palm and proximal phalanges.


We were then treated to a fantastic family style dinner at a Chinese restaurant, hosted by the executive director of the Nepalese Public Health Concern Trust (Phect Nepal), Dr. Bharat Pradhan.  The food was delicious and the company even better.