Honduras: Day Five

Source: Blog Post

Our morning started as usual by seeing our patients for the day around 7:30 AM. Every morning, we go through a process of making sure that all of our scheduled patients have arrived. Our 16-year-old with duplicate thumbs unfortunately did not show up this morning, so we thought the case was cancelled, but she arrived mid-afternoon.

Dr. Leversedge saw another new patient today, 18-year-old Sindy, who was hit by a stray bullet in June of 2016. She has partial nerve injuries of the radial nerve and ulnar nerve, and no fracture healing. Here's Dr. Grant performing an ultrasound.

In Sindy's case, we decided to have her return for our next mission, which is in March of 2018. Then, we will have the necessary equipment for her surgery. Jenni, our hand therapist, made her a splint for comfort until we can see her again. This is a great example of why our continued presence in Honduras is so important!

We also operated on 2-year-old Ronald, who had webbed fingers and previously had trouble grabbing things.

Ronald's hands are also different sizes, but Drs. Chhabra and Ekstein focused on his syndactyly.

Tomorrow is our last day, and we're already figuring out a plan for storing our supplies for the March mission. We're also making a list of instruments and supplies we wish we had so that the next team can avoid some of the issues that we experienced this week.

It was a long day today, but we made a big difference for the adults and children we operated on. Our case count for the week is now at 37!

Check back tomorrow for our final update of the week.