Honduras: Day Six

Source: Blog Post

Today is our last day in the OR! With 7 (possibly 8) cases scheduled, we're not taking it easy on our last day. Throughout the week, we've made some great connections with our patients here in Honduras.

We've seen some unique and complicated cases that we wouldn't normally see in the U.S. While it was really sad to turn some patients away that we couldn't help, we've changed the lives of more than 40 patients!

For some of these patients, we are their only hope for living a normal life with functioning hands. They are so incredibly grateful for the care that we were able to provide, and they are all optimistic about their futures post-surgery. 

After all of our cases today, we will spend time packing up our supplies and taking inventory of what we are keeping at Ruth Paz Hospital for the next mission trip.

A big thank you is deserved for our team leader, Dr. Leversedge. He led an incredibly organized and efficient mission trip this week. He's a great surgeon, philanthropist, and teacher.

Thank you to our anesthesiology team: Dorothy, Dr. Lee, Dr. Grant, and Dr. Gordon (pictured below).

Thank you to our fellows: Dr. Lauder, Dr. Ekstein, and Dr. Boatright (pictured below).

Thank you to our attendings: Dr. Elzik, Dr. Leversedge, Dr. Chhabra, and Dr. Weiland (pictured below).

And thank you to Jennie, our hand therapist (pictured below).

We also want to thank AxoGen for donating medical supplies for this trip, Stryker for sponsoring the mission, Ruth Paz Hospital and their staff for hosting us, SanMar for providing us with team gear and transportation throughout the week, and the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand/American Society for Surgery of the Hand for providing funding to The Touching Hands Project for this mission.

From the entire Honduras team, thank you for following us!