Honduras: Day Four

Source: Blog Post

Instead of heading straight to the hospital on day four of our mission trip, we first toured a local school that offers high-quality education to under privileged kids. It was eye-opening to see how the lives of these students, who live in gang-infested neighborhoods, are changed because of this school. Only one child per family can attend due to limited space. Typically, the child that attends this school passes on their knowledge to their brothers, sisters and parents.

We even met two kids who want to be doctors when they grow up! At the end of the visit, we were given information about sponsoring a child. It costs a little over $1,000 per year for a child to attend the school. Many of us plan to donate!

While we were visiting the school, Drs. Leversedge and Fufa were at the hospital speaking with the local Ruth Paz team. Dr. Fufa gave a talk on flaps as part of our effort to educate the staff. At Ruth Paz, the staff is constantly learning, as they have different "brigades" every couple of weeks. There are spine teams, neurology teams, and other orthopaedic teams who conduct missions there.

Here's Dr. Leversedge scrubbed in with a young local doctor. She had never seen Dupuytren's before, so Dr. Leversedge walked her through the procedure.

Today was another day of interesting cases, starting with 2-year-old Dominick who has bilateral club hand.

Dominick was upset to leave his mother for the surgery, but his results will be worth it! We had Dr. Ekstein working on one hand and Dr. Lauder working on the other, while Dr. Chhabra switched back and forth between the two. 

We completed 8 cases today, bringing our grand total to 28 for the week! We're definitely keeping the second floor busy. When a brigade like us isn't at Ruth Paz, they only use the second floor OR about once every two weeks, so this is a big difference from a normal day at Ruth Paz.

Our mission wouldn't be possible without the support of the Ruth Paz staff. Here are two of our scrub techs.

Tomorrow we have yet another day of full cases. The week goes on!