Honduras: Day Three

Source: Blog Post

For our second OR day we began by seeing some pre-op patients right when we arrived at the hospital around 7:30 AM. This little girl was in good spirits!

After we checked on these patients, we saw our patients from yesterday. During these mission trips, nearly every patient spends the night after their surgery. Sometimes it's because they've traveled a long way to see us, and it isn't easy for them to come back for a check-in. This is different than what we're used to in the States, but checking in on them this morning made us feel better about their post-op care. Luckily, the staff at Ruth Paz will be able to care for these patients after we leave, and we'll have the opportunity to follow up with some of them during our next mission trip to San Pedro Sula in March. 

After seeing some patients, we had our morning meeting to go over the cases for the day. After the teams split up in the ORs, Dr. Leversedge learned that there were about 6 new patients who had arrived today seeking hand care. One of the patients said he heard about our mission on the news! Dr. Leversedge spent the morning in an exam room speaking with these patients. Some he asked to return in March for our next mission trip, and some he added to the schedule for the week.

One of these new patients was 44-year-old Antonio, who was robbed and attacked with a machete in July of this year. Since the attack, he has had bad pain in both hands and has no feeling in his left hand. He previously worked as a security guard, but hasn't been able to work and provide for his family since this injury.

Surprisingly, we were able to fit Antonio into today's schedule! We anticipated a nerve graft, and we were right. His surgery went well, and we're looking forward to tracking his recovery. By the way, big thanks to AxoGen for donating nerve grafts for this mission!

Today was another successful day. We completed 10 cases, bringing our grand total to 20.

After our last case, we traveled to a textile factory about 20 minutes outside of San Pedro Sula, where we were able to tour the amazing process of making cotton products such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Our therapist, Jenni, visited a factory earlier today to teach the supervisors hand exercises that they can show their employees, many of whom suffer from overuse injuries due to the repetitive factory work.

Tomorrow, we're ready for another full day of cases. Keep following us for more updates!