Honduras: Day Two

Source: Blog Post

We started early for our first day in the OR at Ruth Paz and arrived at the hospital by 7:30 AM. Dr. Leversedge led a morning meeting to review our cases for the day, and a Ruth Paz staff member was able to translate for the staff who do not speak English.

We had 12 cases scheduled for today but had to reschedule one, and another had not arrived by mid-afternoon. We learned that patients sometimes don't show up for their scheduled surgery due to transportation issues or other factors. But, we focused our attention on the 10 cases for the day. When we arrived, our first patients were waiting for us and had been checked in by the Ruth Paz staff.

We were split into two OR rooms. Drs. Weiland, Boatright, Elzik, and Gordon in Room 2, and Drs. Chhabra, Fufa, Lauder, Ekstein and Grant in Room 1, with Dr. Leversedge, anesthesia fellow Dr. Lee and RN Dorothy floating between the two rooms.

The first case for Drs. Chhabra and Ekstein was 11-year-old Yasselin who underwent a left distal radius osteotomy. Yasselin watched the Lion King (in Spanish) during her surgery and was even able to walk out of the OR room with Dr. Ekstein afterward!

Today started out slower than we were used to as we got ourselves organized and figured out a flow with the ORs and Ruth Paz staff, but it was still a successful day of cases. It was a packed OR throughout the day. Our hand surgeons always had an audience!

This Z-plasty on a young male burn victim was the last case of the day. It was an interesting case that drew a few onlookers.

Our last case ended around 6 PM. We returned to the hotel as a team and then enjoyed an amazing and super fun dinner at Bistro Wine and Tapas. There was no shortage of food or wine!

Every team member ended today with a great feeling that we had made a substantial difference in our patients' lives. It truly was a team effort. We're ready to take on day 3!