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Everyone arrived yesterday piecemeal after long lines at the airport to get through immigration.  We met up with Dr. Shankar Rai last night for a brief orientation to our week; he is a most charming host.  Included were representatives from ReSurge, Skinceuticals team members and  most importantly, our two women surgeons who are the inaugural members of the Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery, Drs. Farzana Ibrahim and Parmela Shakya.


Above: Dr. Rai and the team.

On Monday we will consult on 15-20 patients as candidates for surgery this week. 


Surgeries will take place Tuesday through Friday.  Each day we will have morning conference at 8 am where Residents and "consultant surgeons" (i.e. fully qualified surgeons) present on the patients admitted overnight, follow-up information on the patients who underwent surgery the previous day, and the patients scheduled for surgery that day.   One of the ReSurge team members will then give a PowerPoint presentation on one of a variety of topics (to be determined).  Presentation topics may cover anesthesia, hand therapy, or surgery.  This will be followed by team wounds on the wards.  The remainder of the days will be spent on surgeries and education.

We are all excited to be here!!!

~Dr. Peter Letourneau

This trip is part of The Touching Hands Project's partnership with ReSurge International. THP works with ReSurge to fund a hand surgeon and a hand therapist on a number of trips. To learn more about ReSurge's ongoing partnerships in Nepal, please visit this site: