Honduras: En Route

Source: Blog Post

We arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras today for THP's second mission to Honduras this year! Our team members traveled from all over the United States and include: Dr. Fraser Leversedge, Dr. Andrew Weiland, Dr. Bobby Chhabra, Dr. Duretti Fufa, Dr. Mark Elzik, Dr. Alexander Lauder, Dr. Jeff Boatright, Dr. Charles Ekstein, Dr. Stuart Grant, Dr. Michael Gordon, Dr. Bradley Lee, Dorothy Russo, Jennie Yen, and ASSH staff member Olivia Williams.

We're proud to say that this is THP's sixth mission to Honduras. We've learned quickly that THP has an amazing relationship with Ruth Paz Hospital, and team leader Fraser Leversedge, MD has developed an admirable relationship with the local medical staff and the patients. These patients now expect us to return, and we plan to do just that!

We arrived in San Pedro Sula in the afternoon and after a short ride from the airport checked in at the Intercontinental Hotel.  Shortly after checking in, we traveled a short distance to the bottom of a mountain for a team hike! It took us about 45 minutes to reach the top, but we all felt great afterward! It was a great way to stretch our legs after a day of traveling.

After we made our way back down the mountain we headed back to the hotel to prepare for a team meeting and dinner. Dr. Leversedge went over everything we needed to know for a long clinical day tomorrow, and we enjoyed A LOT of meat at a San Pedro Sula steakhouse.

We can't wait to meet our patients tomorrow!