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Debrief and plans for next year!!!

We woke up at 4 so that we could all be packed and ready to go to the airport in time.  Port Au Prince is constantly bustling. Even at 4:45 am there is traffic (both pedestrian and vehicle) everywhere.  Once again we strapped our bags to the roof of our van.  Michelle, our driver, did an incredible job getting us to the airport safely.  We had breakfast at the airport and shared our experiences.  Everyone had a wonderful time  and it is clear that our entire group kept on track providing an incredibly high level of caring, efficiency and professionalism.  

We also took stock of items we would bring again next year:

Light handles, Trauma scissors, Xeriform, post op medication packs for children, surgicel, Silvadene, hardware, dressing supplies, bacitracin, suture, antibiotics and prefab splints will be critical, and we were so glad we had these and so much more at our disposal.  The anesthesia team also brought their own CO2 monitor which allowed them to quickly wake the patients safely.  

Though we returned home with empty bags, we now have full hearts, priceless memories, knowledge that we contributed, and new friends.

This reminds us of how lucky we are to do what we do every day.  

All the best and until next year in Haiti! 

Sol Azouz MD