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A day of mutual appreciation. 

Thursday was a wonderful opportunity to continue to come together as a cohesive team.  The team went above and beyond in caring for these wonderful patients.  Dr. Smith and I performed a limited incision for a reduction and fixation of a distal radius fracture.  We performed a contracture release and skin grafting  on an infant with congenital contracted fingers.  We also debrided and washed out a hand infection on a woman who we had washed out and debrided the day before.  Dr. Gelfand, Melissa and Wendy performed an open reduction and fixation of a femur fracture, as well as an osteotomy of a very malunited humerus fracture at the elbow.  They also performed a tendon transfer to allow for wrist extension.  

The team did a wonderful job in tying up loose ends and handing over the plans for these complicated patients.  We are so thankful to Rose and Dr. Alexi who treated us with such kindness and warm hospitality.  We were very impressed with Dr. Alexi's relationship with his patients.  He is clearly loved by all, and a gift to his community.  


Again Sharon made sure all of our patients were safe, and she did an amazing job transferring the patients to the ward and establishing a plan for them.  It was wonderful seeing her establish a rapport with the Haitian charge nurse and nursing students.  


I had the opportunity to meet the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and medical director of the hospital.  They were so thankful to us.  The CFO told me that what we had done was a tremendous blessing to the patients.  He said that none of these patients would have been able to access this level of care without our contribution.  It was heartwarming to know that we had a made an impact on this community.  As the sun set we were all so happy to see that we had done over 17 cases safely and effectively.


We had several more of JJs friends visit with us at dinner.  Their stories were truly inspiring as they shared with us their experience with the earthquake and losing loved ones. JJ had been a tremendous mentor to all of them.  He is truly the embodiment of the American dream, and we can see that how despite  a challenging upbringing in Haiti he continues to give back so much to his people.

We will miss out colleagues and friends we have made on this trip.

Au revoir,

Sol Azouz MD