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A day of accomplishment! And a day of surprise.

Dr. Smith and I did a very challenging Latissimus transfer to help a child regain shoulder function.  This was a true team approach.  Our entire team contributed to the patients care.  Ben, Dr. Gelfand, Melissa, Sharon, Wendy, JJ, Dr. Smith and I all contributed to this child's care.  

We were also able to help a woman who had an advanced hand infection.  She had come in through the ER which was a lucky surprise to us as we had not usually been seeing a lot of patients coming through the ER.  She had a very serious infection which we were ready and available to assist with.  This was also an  opportunity to partner with a former Loma Linda grad: Dr. Kim.  Dr. Kim is an ED doctor who is also visiting.  His French speaking skills were extremely helpful!

Dr Smith and I also did a tendon transfer to restore wrist extension in a child who he had previously restored elbow flexion on the year prior.  It was an amazing opportunity for follow up and continuing care. 


Dr. Gelfand did several orthopaedic cases with Dr. Alexi. His ability to correct severely displaced and malunited fractures is truly impressive.

We worked from dusk until dawn which was such a great opportunity to help many patients.

It was a wonderful day.

Thank you.

Sol Azouz M.D. MSc.