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Haiti day Deux!

We had a great day operating today.  We started the day with a manipulation under anesthesia.  Thanks to Dr. Taylor's block we were able to avoid a big operation in a woman with a frozen shoulder.  Dr. Smith and I did an open reduction and internal fixation of a malunited distal radius and Ulna fracture in a 12 year old boy.  We were able to get good fixation using k wire pins and avoided putting any hardware on his growth plate.  Dr. Smith and Dr. Alexi reconstructed an amniotic band in a small child while Dr. Gelfand and I plated a distal radius fracture. Ben splinted the patients after Jeff reviewed what we had done in surgery with him.

It was so cool to see the brothers Gelfand taking care of these wonderful patients together.  I am sure this will be another wonderful memory for them as they continue to do many of these medical missions together.

Many of the patients had uncontrolled chronic conditions such as hypertension which presented a challenge.  Again our colleagues from Middle Tennessee  university did a fantastic job in the patients' anesthesia.  Sharon kept the patients on track and well taken care of in the preop and PACU.  All the cases were safe and efficient.  We were able to maintain short tourniquet times considering these challenges and the complexity of the cases. 


We know for next time that screws and hardware are badly needed by the Adventiste hospital.  Melissa, Wendy and JJ did an awesome job of finding all of the equipment and adjusting when there was the lack of the exact instrument we might normally use.  Despite being away for a few months JJ has an awesome appreciation for all of the equipment and supplies that the hospital has on hand. The donated supplies and tools have been so critical to our success.  We are so thankful to the generous donations from back home.  Dr. Gelfand's team has spoiled us with all the awesome equipment they were able to pack (and then had to repack as there is a 2 checked bag limit coming in to Haiti). 

We had a 4 year old girl present today with congenital  finger flexion contractures and we are looking forward to helping her later this week. 

We have been blessed to be well taken care of here.  The air conditioning in our rooms is working well and similarly in the OR.  The adventiste hospital has been providing us delicious vegetarian  lunches which we enjoy.  Many of our team enjoy the "Tasso" and we have all done a great job of staying hydrated and mosquito free. 

We plan to do some preoperative planning tonight as we have some complex cases tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow! 

 Sol Azouz M.D. MSc.