Honduras: Day Seven

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Today as we head back home we reflect on our week at La Providencia and Honduras. We are grateful to the many wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to the children of Honduras.   Caring for these children is a life-long commitment and our work is only one small part.  Our work here would not be possible without the organizational efforts of:  Douglas Barahona - Director of La Providencia, Dr. Iveth Villatoro – Medical director who will follow these children for post-op care, Katharine Marrow – Head of La Providencia’s School, and Mission Trip liason Marco Fuentes.  Additionally – SRW is blessed to have Mary Dowling, RN – Co-founder and Director, as a resource for the medical missions.  She dedicates an enormous amount of time and energy to organizing these trips to provide care for these children.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to SRW and La Providencia is instrumental in a successful mission.

This year we were given more insight into the history of La Providencia, their mission and their future.  To learn more about this amazing organization, you can check out www.providenceworld.com.

Mission work is not only about helping others medically, it also provides an opportunity to interact with people and learn about the country.  Our transportation is organized by Marco Fuentes and he must logistically account for school bus routes and after school activities.  Our bus is often driven by Don Calixto.  One day we were able to travel back to our hotel with kids from school.  The children were engaging and spoke excellent English.  Additionally, we traveled to downtown Siguatepeque where we visited the supermarket and ate dinner in the market cafe.  Thursday evening we were invited to Dr. Silvio Gonzalez’s house for dinner.  He and his wife were gracious hosts.  Dr. Gonzalez is one of three orthopedic surgeons in the area.  He volunteers his time at La Providencia and follows the patients that are cared for by the orthopedic mission teams.  This follow-up care is critical to the success of our work this week.

We are very happy to be heading home to our friends and families.  But leaving Siguatepeque and La Providencia is bitter sweet.  Our week long journey and experiences will leave lasting memories for our team as well as our patients. We came and provided exemplary care to a group of amazingly warm and welcoming people.  Until next year…Adios! 

“We can learn to see each other and see ourselves in each other, and recognize that human beings are more alike than we are unalike.”  Maya Angelou