Vietnam: Day Thirteen

Source: Blog Post

Two weeks came and gone so fast. We wrapped up at the hospital and packed the last supplies. We saw about 18 patients for their last follow up. We managed to get everything done by noon and headed back to the hotel. All took advantage of the free afternoon to explore the city, try more awesome Vietnamese cuisines and last chance to pick up local gifts. The team completed 43 surgeries and I made quite a few orthoses for the fingers, hands, wrists, one foot and 2 cervical collars. I ran out of supplies and have to turn some of the patients away.
It is a privilege for our team to be here and to serve. Patients came to us with sadness and heavy hearts...but we saw many smiles and tears on the last day as we said our goodbyes. Patients and their families told us that we gave them hope and their children a chance to have a better live. Many have asked us when are we coming back? The experiences of the last two weeks have moved me deeply and I can speak for the team also. This was my first mission; however, many of our team members have been with ReSurge international and other medical missions dated back since the mid 1990's. It is a wonderful feeling knowing we made a difference in people's lives, especially for this under served community.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to the Touching Hands Project for sponsoring this mission. This is the first Hand Surgery and Therapy to Vietnam and I hope this is only the beginning. Thank you to ReSurge International group for organizing, setting up and working diligently in the US and in Vietnam to make this mission possible.
Thank you to all benefactors/donors for your financial supports and visions to fund this mission. Last, I would like to thank you each team member on this Vietnam mission. Thank you for your compassion and support to make it possible for me to participate in this mission with all of you. We made an AWESOME team!