Vietnam: Day Twelve

Source: Blog Post

Another hectic day a the clinic but we were able to get done early to get back to the hotel for the farewell party that the hospital was hosting for us tonight at 6:00 PM.
Our surgical team was able to squeeze in 5 cases today. This is our last day for surgery. We have to start packing up all of the equipment to return to the US on Saturday, 07/29/17.
We did 9 dressing changes and making customized orthoses for those who have pins post op. The local surgeons and this hospital will follow up with these patients for pins removal as indicated by our surgeons. I went over the patient list with the hospital therapists for therapy follow up.
It is hard to believe that the mission is almost over. It is hard to say goodbyes to our friends and patients. It is a privilege for our team to be here and to care for the patients and working side by side with the staff here at this hospital. We can't thank you the host hospital and the staff. They have worked tirelessly to assist us and to care for the patients and in so many ways taking care of us and our needs. I will treasure the memories of this 2- week mission and it is a good reminder for me that I am blessed to be apart of this love circle.