Vietnam: Day Eleven

Source: Blog Post

Another day came and gone, and it was another busy at the hospital for our team. The team worked hard to get as many surgery in as they can and still have follow up on Friday before the team pack up and fly back to the US on Saturday, 07/29/17.
We are so fortunate to serve as the first hand team to Vietnam. The team work well together...we said our goodbye to Dr. Bonnie MacEvoy, our team leader, today due to her call schedule at her hospital in the US and we welcome Dr. Mike Beach for joining our team! Dr. Beach is an anesthesiologist from New Hampshire. He has been in VN for the last week and so to teach at the Pediatric Hospital in different district of HCMC.
The patients and families are so grateful to our team for being here and giving them and their family hope. There is so much we all want to do for the patients here but time is running out. Patients and their families already asked us when are we coming back. Some of them saying their good bye to us because they were discharged and will have follow up with the hospitals and surgeons/physicians locally.
I said goodbye to some new OT friends because they are traveling to Da Nang for the World Occupational Therapy Meeting this weekend. I was so fortunate to have met Elaine Lee, OTR from Australia, Vu Dang, the first OT student in HCMC, he hopes to complete his BS in OT in 2 1/2 years from now. Hoa Huynh and Tin Pham are the therapy techs. Julie is an OT student from Belgium volunteers to work at this hospital for 1 month. They all work so hard and I couldn't have done much without them. You all ROCK!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.