Vietnam: Day Ten

Source: Blog Post

The clinic is getting more hectic as we are approaching the mid week. Surgery schedule is average 5-6 cases a day, however, patients who had surgeries last week returning for dressing change and making orthoses.
The Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital has over 220 beds, however, a hospital room can have up to 10 to 12 beds. When patients are being hospitalized, the family will live at the hospital and care for them. This hospital is about 30 year old and a new hospital is being built on the same site. The grand opening is scheduled for 2019 or 2020.
Our team gets to work with incredible staff of surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical techs, OR nurses. Everyone is dedicated and work long hours to care for their patients and also to assist our team.
I've learned from the local people that from June to September is raining season here in HCMC. It has rained everyday since our arrival. Fortunately, it rains mostly in the evening and it helps keeping the temperature and humidity more tolerable. We were caught off guard only 1 day and Hong, the ReSurge staff, went to buy for us a few ponchos to wear for the walk to the hotel.
This is our sweet little guy, Phuong Thai Hoai, and he is 5 year old. He know how to melt our hears. He underwent index ray resection in the right hand to create a web space and thumb to allow him to pinch. He has great personality and such a happy boy that everyone wants to take care of him. He was so happy that we took the bulky bandage off today.