Vietnam: Day Nine

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The weekend went by so fast and here we are again, MONDAY! Some of our team members were under the weather, but nothing series and everyone seemed to recover well.
Monday, what can I was another hectic day...we had 5 surgeries on the schedule but the surgical team added one at the end. Our team is occupying one operation room with 2 tables and the surgeons performing the surgeries side by side and in some complicated cases, they operated together. We have another anesthesiologist, Dr. Micheal Ball join the team today.
There were 6 patients from last week surgeries returned for dressing change and wound care and customized orthoses. There is no place to set up for this station, at first we rotated in and out of PACU room to see these patients at the beginning of the day. By the afternoon, the PACU was no longer available secondary to post op patients and we also used that room to do local blocks. A makeshift station was set up by putting chairs and supplies right in the check in area of the OR to work. It was chaos. I tried to do my best to keep things sterile techniques in this environment.
In the afternoon, some patients return to the therapy area for me to customized orthoses for them so that they can be discharged to home. I've been making 3-4 orthoses a day and also working with the therapist here for follow up care with the surgical patients.
One of the many things we take it for granted is medical records in the US. There is not a very reliable medical record system here. It is very difficult to find out what/when/where/how a condition occurred and historian for the medical conditions is also unreliable because it seemed most conditions were caused by fever.
By the end of the day, we were all exhausted and looking forward to return to the hotel room to clean up and rest. One of the fastest and cheapest ways to get around the city is using motor cycle Uber or Grab! Mary Beth, our PACU nurse, did just that!