Ethiopia: Day 1

Source: Blog Post

We’re back in Addis Ababa for THP Ethiopia part III at CURE Hospital! Scott Kozin and I landed in the early morning hours Sunday and went straight to the hospital. As has become our tradition, the hospital staff graciously opened on a Sunday so that we could see and indicate patients for the coming week’s OR schedule.

Photographed, our Sunday team including our host orthopaedic surgeons, residents, a medical student, nurses, and our 64th and final patient/father of the day:

Today, we did 4 cases including nerve transfers, contracture release, tendon transfers and this bilateral radial longitudinal deficiency case:

One of the greatest parts of our relationship with Cure Ethiopia is its enduring quality. With this and other patients, we are able to create long term plans for staged procedures in complex cases.

We first operated on this 4 year old girl two years ago, performing pollicization on her right hand. Here, she’s showing us her preop four-finger, no-thumb left hand while eating with her post-op pollicization right hand. Eating with your fingers, without utensils, is traditional in Ethiopia.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be an exciting and meaningful week!