Honduras: Day 1

Source: Blog Post

After a refreshing hike up to the Coca-Cola sign on Saturday afternoon, the team was ready to work on Sunday morning. 

One hundred and thirty patients greeted the THP San Pedro Sula Team on Sunday morning at the Ruth Paz Foundation Clinic.

The surgical planning commenced for many chronic brachial plexus injuries, congenital malformations, penetrating trauma, and congenital malformations. The staff at the hospital, hospital attendings, and even local medical students contributed to a very successful day one. After the clinic day, we ventured to a local orphanage for a friendly (but competitive) game of soccer.  

The children treated the team to a wonderful vocal performance after the soccer game before digging in to a giant pizza. 

With the final OR schedule set, the first day is over and we have prepared an ambitious schedule for the next 5 days. Successful outcomes for patients in Honduras have been made possible by the generous contributions, both local (Jesus and Giselle Canahauti, Renton Leversedge, and Jorge Calindres), and domestic (Stryker). With the help and resolve of the local Ruth Paz staff, our confidence is high we can have a substantial positive impact of quality of life of many Hondurans, and we could not be more excited and honored, to begin this journey with them, tomorrow.