Bolivia: Day 1

Source: Blog Post

Today we arrived early in La Paz, took some time to get through customs. Several supply containers were opened and examined. We stopped along the road to the hotel to take some pics of the beautiful sunrise over the city, mountains in the background. We ate breakfast and then met with our host hand surgeon, Jorge Terrazas. 

We rested for a few hours before 1/2 the group attended a soccer match between Club Bolivar and The Strongest. Our host Dr. Terrazas, his sons, and our Dora were all cheering for The Strongest, yet this did not result in a win! The other 1/2 of our group rode on the gondolas to get an aerial view of the city.

We started the day all eating breakfast together and ended the day with 10/11 of us at dinner. Ana María unfortunately sprained her ankle and needed to elevate, ice in the room. Tomorrow we plan be in clinic at 8:00 am, arranged by Dr. Terrazas with 50 patients arriving throughout the day.