Bolivia: Day 2

Source: Blog Post

Our 1st clinic day was a great success! We attended a press conference with government officials, hospital administrators, Banco Mercantil representative (financial support), our host Dr. Jorge Terrazas, and our team  leader Dr. Nate Ponstein all speaking. The appreciation for our being in Bolivia to help was very heartfelt. 

Our clinic ran from 10 am to 7:30 pm with a quick break for lunch. We saw 58 patients: 1st stop for patients was to be evaluated by 5 physicians and develop a surgical plan, refer to therapy only, or to not get treatment at this time. Only four patients who were not chosen for surgery were referred to hand therapy. Next for surgical cases, vitals, weight and hemoglobin levels were documented. The pediatrician then worked up the patient, followed by patients seeing the anesthesiologists. Lastly, a chart was created and photos taken.

The majority of cases were pediatric anomalies. 

The waiting room was full all day, one family drove 15 hours to see the Resurge staff. 

There were many unique cases including Apert's Syndrome, arthrogryposis, and this congenital thumb anomaly. 

Our pediatrician Dr Joe Herbert was wonderful with the kids and adults alike! 

This young girl demonstrates her ability to write with arthrogryposis and other anomalies. 

There was truly a great collaboration amongst these physicians in developing a surgical plan, estimated time to complete, and in prioritizing cases. 

There are 5 cases scheduled for tomorrow!