Bolivia: Day 3

Source: Blog Post

We had a nice walk to the hospital and noticed this art work along the way! 

We started our 1st day in the OR with a discussion of various scenarios and how we would be prepared for and respond to each.

Our therapist Jeanne began hands on training of the local physical therapists. 

This followed their great help in setting up the therapy room in working order.

Our first surgical case was a young boy who came from far away, therefore he was able to stay in the hospital over night prior to surgery. Here he is with a homemade sling that he picked out. He was all smiles minutes later when he rejoined his father! 

Between cases, the surgeons work out a plan for the next day's OR schedule with peds a priority and scheduled earliest. 

The last case began around 6 pm followed by a team meeting to discuss the 1st OR day. Everyone shared how their day went, discussed any problems, and suggestions were made. The local staff assisting the Resurge group was included and gave very positive feedback to the team.

Our last patient was all smiles in his donated Michigan Medicine sling!

Tomorrow is looking like another busy, productive day, five cases planned.