Bolivia: Day 4

Source: Blog Post

The majority of our team walked to the hospital but this did not include one of our very important translators, Dora. Unfortunately she spent the day with us supine and with an IV. Hoping for a better day tomorrow for her!

Here we have our OR team taking a brief beef jerky break between cases. 

Several patients who were unable to be seen on Monday arrived in clinic today, even the OR schedule is booked solid. They were evaluated by our pediatrician but will likely have to wait until the next Resurge trip in a year for possible surgery.

This is the hand of a 1 1/2 year old girl who has bilateral congenital anomalies. Her mother tearfully shared with us her pain in having people look at her as if she were to blame for her daughter's condition. She asked about a prosthetic hand for her daughter. The team treated her with compassion and were very moved by her story.

Our PACU is running smoothly with Kim taking care of patients in recovery. They are kept overnight in cases where it is a hardship for them to get home when they travel far and rely on public transportation. Of course pain management is another issue, but in the US, it's very likely that all of these cases would be outpatient.

The hand surgeons worked jointly on 7 cases today. The only small hiccup was a delay due to a search for a currette to retrieve bone graft.

In hand therapy, an interesting case came to clinic of a 13 year old boy without a diagnosis. He presented with a Dupuytrens like condition with palpable cords, nodules, knuckle pads and toe involvement. He was provided with night splints and will follow up next week for therapy only.

Will leave you with this beautiful face of a girl going home this morning following her burn scar revision.