Bolivia: Day 5

Source: Blog Post

Our hand surgeons Nate and Subhro casted this 2 year old, then used the cast saw to bivalve it and secured it with coban. This reduces the trauma for everyone involved when using a cast saw when a 2 year old is awake. This boy's life has truly been changed, having a complicated syndactyly between his thumb and index finger and undergoing a release and pollicization.

A special delivery to the PACU thanks to our team leader and anesthesiologist Nate and very busy circulating nurse Janis!

His mother was worried along with his father as they waited several hours to be reunited with him. She is all smiles.

Hand therapy was busy seeing both surgical and non surgical cases. She made 4 splints, a cast, gave out several slings, and treated a patient bedside. She is able to observe surgery in her down time.

Here is our team coordinator and translator Dora, therapist Jeanne and a grateful patient, happy to have his worn out splint replaced.

For our off weekend coming up, Ana Maria our coordinator/translator has been hard at work arranging several activities including a trip to local salt flats, a downhill bike ride that may or may not be on Death Road, and some shopping and zip lining.