Bolivia: Day 6

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Our 4th day in the OR was a busy one; thankfully our PACU nurse Kim was back on her feet feeling much better.

We continue to enjoy the views of La Paz traveling back and forth to the hospital.

The hand therapy space moved into the staff room to allow the interpreters to be able to assist OT and yet still be available for the needs of the OR. Here, OT is getting assistance from Dora, Carey (anesthesiologist) and Joe to remove a drain. This woman is very motivated to maintain the full ROM achieved in the OR; we shared a video taken at the end of a long procedure and she had a great start 1 day postop in therapy.

The lunch today included cinnamon juice, creamed yucca, beef and flan for dessert.

Here is a sweet 5 year old with radial club on the right, being fit with a replacement of her night splint to hold her wrist in a more neutral position. She had surgery last year and outgrew her previous splint.

Our 20th surgical case of the week getting started late on Friday. The local staff has been great staying late to assist the team.

Now for a free weekend-lots of fun activities planned!