Bolivia: Day 11

Source: Blog Post

We had a quicker OR day today due to a late cancellation. Unfortunately a young patient's family was dealing with getting evicted from their rental, so they had to deal with their immediate situation. The surgeons had another long case involving a flap.

Here is a 13 year old boy getting a dressing change one day postop due to a loosening of his bulky dressing. Subhro changed the dressing and Jeanne fabricated a 2-part orthosis protecting his delicate 1st web space reconstruction procedure and pinning. His father was able to ask questions and get a better understanding of the procedure.

We continue to enjoy the tastes of La Paz at lunch, at least the majority of the team!

In the evening, the team enjoyed a gathering with sponsors, hosts, and supporters of our efforts. Pictured below from left to right:  Dora Rusin-Gomez, Hernan Gonzalez, Dra. Virginia Velasco, Dr. Nate Ponstein, Dr. Jorge Terrazas, and Ramiro Garcia.

Tomorrow is the team's last OR day followed by a very busy postoperative clinic on Friday and then back to the US on Saturday!