Bolivia: Days 12/13

Source: Blog Post

On our last OR day, four cases were performed and therapy was a busy place with some postop patients from last week starting OT. This boy enjoyed adding sticks to his splint following a 3rd web space release.

On Friday morning, the team arrived early to clinic and patients ready to be seen. Here is a boy getting a dressing change before going home.

Therapy was a busy place today and the local therapists were immensely helpful. The surgeons met with approximately 27 patients and completed discharge planning, either scheduling a follow up with our host Dr Jorge Terrazas, and/or therapy.

Clinic ran from 8 am to 1 pm with a steady flow of patients, several getting discharged from inpatient status. 

The team said their goodbyes to the hospital staff and headed back to the hotel, some going shopping downtown soon after. A few visited an art gallery and all had a relaxing final meal in La Paz.