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 Image Library

Welcome to the ASSH Members' Image Library.

Image Upload and Editing

Upload your cases today and start sharing your content with other members. Afterwards, you can view the cases you have uploaded to update your information.

  • Remember to hide patient names and identities to comply with HIPAA regulations.
  • Remember that the larger the file size, the longer the photos will take to upload
  • Note that case name, category, diagnosis, procedure and anatomical region are all required fields
  • Photo resolution should be around 72-150 dpi
  • If you would like your name listed with your photos, check the checkbox for 'Make Name Public' on the upload form.
  • Read the full upload agreement.

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Image Search

Search by keyword, CPT or ICD-9 code and more to find cases and download them to your computer.

  • Please note that the image library is for educational purposes only.
  • Cases should be downloaded only for use in presentations and classroom lectures.
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Case Name: Dupytrens needle aponeurotomy
Diagnosis: Dupuytrens Disease
Procedure: Needle Aponeurotomy
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