A Pianist Reborn

For over forty years, world-famous concert pianist Misha Dichter has thrilled audiences around the world with his probing musicianship and virtuosic technique.

However, two years ago Mr. Dichter's right fifth finger began to curl, making it increasingly difficult, and finally impossible, for him to play. He was diagnosed with Dupuytren's Disease, often an inherited condition, and he immediately sought help to regain the full use of his hand.

Mr. Dichter went to hand surgeon, Scott Wolfe, MD, who recommended a surgical solution to the problem that most likely would restore full mobility and function to his hand.

Dr. Wolfe performed a delicate surgical procedure that allowed Mr. Dichter's entire right hand to move freely again. This was followed by intensive hand therapy under the careful guidance of therapist and musician, Caryl Johnson.

Learn more about Dichter's story and his recovery on the video below.



 Misha Dichter: A Pianist Reborn