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General Sessions occur concurrently and include clinical paper sessions, symposia, and special award presentations and lectures.  Meeting registration is required. 

General Sessions Schedule
Thursday (Sept. 10) Friday (Sept. 11) Saturday (Sept. 12)
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Room 6E, Convention Center
1:29 PM to 2:19 PM
2:19 PM to 3:19 PM
Panelists will be led by Andrew W. Gurman, MD, Speaker of the AMA House of Delegates, on a frank discussion of what is currently being done to ensure quality healthcare in terms of patient care and surgeon satisfaction.
2:59 PM to 3:29 PM
Memories that make us smile are not just for reflection. They are the currency of a truly enriched life. Moments are to be sought. Mentors are the craftsmen of a unique professional vehicle that we use in our journey through life. 
3:19 PM to 3:59 PM
Room 6ABC, Convention Center

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