Video Theater Abstracts

Review the guidelines and requirements below and submit your proposal today.  Finalized submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and authors will be notified of their proposal status no later than February 5, 2018.  

Abstracts for the Video Theater may include surgical procedures, new examination maneuvers, rehabilitation programs, or anything else that may be useful for the hand surgeon.  Arthroscopic videos must also include clinical videos and can not stand alone.   The video must contain a procedure/ surgical technique on a live patient.  This must include preoperative and postoperative images or videos and for procedures where radiographs or other imaging is used for treatment, both preoperative and final images should be included.  When discussing tools used, please add generic terms for products rather than trade names (volar locking plate rather than synthes plate, skeletal dynamics, etc.) Also, please refrain from using company names. If you have specific questions, you can contact Randy Bindra or Warren Hammert.  

Call for Video Theater abstracts

The abstract should explain the rationale for the video and briefly what you will show (it does not need to follow the scientific paper form of intro, methods, results, and discussions). It should be 250 words or less and can include up to 10 references (references do not need to be cited in the abstract).

Submit your Video Theater Abstract for the 73rd Annual Meeting.

You may direct your questions to Dan or Kevin at [email protected] or call (312) 880-1900.