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Support Opportunities
Meeting Mobile App - Sold
The app gives easy access to event sessions speakers exhibitors and organizer messages. Available on iPhone iPad and Android devices.  Once a mobile app vendor is confirmed the support benefits will be outlined.

$70,000 exclusive OR $35,000 each for joint sponsorship (max of 2 companies)

Boxed Lunch in Exhibit Hall
Gain outstanding visibility during the lunch hour. Prominent recognition displayed on signage and logo on each boxed lunch. Boxed lunches are made available Thursday and Friday from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

$30,000 per day

International Reception
Help us celebrate our international presence! Members of the ASSH International Relations Committee executive members of the ASSH Council and past presidents of the ASSH are also invited to this event. Corporate supporter receives 10 complimentary tickets to the event on Friday evening.


Young Members Reception
Join us as we celebrate the young members interested in increasing their involvement in the Hand Society. All young and candidate members of the ASSH are invited and welcome to come. Corporate supporter receives 3 complimentary tickets to the event on Wednesday evening.

$20,000 each (max 3 companies)

E-Poster Station Kiosks
Large flat screens displaying the e-posters will be placed INSIDE the Exhibit Hall to boost booth traffic. Each kiosk will feature a select topic from the Hand-e curriculum which will be determined by ASSH.  Your company logo will be part of the banner sign hanging above the kiosk of your choice.

$15,000 per kiosk (max 5)

VIP Lounge
A private gathering place for members of the AFSH Benefactor Leadership Founders Circle Giving Club and International attendees.  It offers computer stations with printers and light refreshments.  Corporate supporters are given access to the lounge along with onsite recognition signage and computer screensavers thanking them for their support.


Young Leaders/Mid Career Leaders Breakfast
Host a breakfast for the enthusiastic and dedicated members who have participated in our leadership development program. The program is for members who are committed to the Hand Society’s tradition of excellence and interested in shaping its future.


Espresso Cart
Give attendees that extra boost in their day! Prominent recognition displayed on signage and mobile app. Carts can be placed in the main areas of the Convention Center or the Exhibit Hall.  Espresso cappuccino latte americano hot chocolate barista attendant condiments included in pricing.  Beverages are served for a 4-hour time period. Custom cups available for additional fee.

$8,500 per 4-hour session

Device Charging Station
Place your print ad and/or logo on each kiosk OR provide power strips on seating area in Exhibit Hall. Be noticed while attendees charge up for the day. These stations provide great extended brand coverage during this paperless meeting.

$7,500 each

Pre-Course Support 
Support a variety of didactic and cadaveric pre-courses (check back in April 2016 for a list of topics to select from) offered at the Annual Meeting. Corporate support will be recognized in onsite signage and the mobile app per session.  Fee also includes one (1) table outside or adjacent to the session room for any product displays.

Didactic: $5000 commitment minimum per session

Labs: $7500 commitment minimum per session 

The AFSH scholarship program is dedicated to serving two groups: (1) Residents Fellows and Medical Students interested in hand and upper extremity training and (2) United States active duty armed forces. Donors can give to the general scholarship program or can designate funding for either the Residents/Fellows or Military. A full application process is available for qualified participants (those in all stages of training from PGY1 through fellowship as well as active duty military) to submit to either the Residents and Fellows Conference Committee or the Military Relations Committee. Corporate donors are recognized in award letter to recipients on the Annual Meeting website and mobile app and via onsite signage. Donors are also invited to the Residents and Fellows Conference reception taking place on the Wednesday prior to the start of the Annual Meeting. This is a great way to unlock the ASSH Corporate Partnership Program for additional benefits and savings. Deadline: August 1 2016

$1,500 each (no maximum)

Opening Reception
The Opening Reception at the ASSH Annual Meeting takes place on Thursday evening. This is a new opportunity that has yet to be determined. Contact us to create a custom experience.

Contact us for pricing.

Please contact Kris R. Delas Armas via email at regarding these opportunities.

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