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The American Society for Surgery of the Hand welcomes the Spanish Society for Surgery of the Hand as the 2015 International Guest Hand Society.  The Guest Society program offers the opportunity for Annual Meeting attendees to exchange scientific ideas and increase knowledge of Spanish research, techniques, and progress in the hand and upper extremity community.  As the honoree, the Spanish Society will be acknowledged in the Opening Ceremony and will be recognized as the guest of honor at the International Reception.  Review the full list of Guest Society Benefits to learn more.

Origins of Hand Surgery in Spain

Until the end of Second World War (1935-1945) in Spain, as in all European Countries, most hand injuries were treated by general surgeons, consisting mainly on the basic care of wounds and fractures, debridement of infected tissues and amputations. A growing interest in Surgery of the Hand in Spain started after the publication of two books written by Drs. Eugenio Lopez-Trigo and E. Velilla in 1948 and 1950, both of them exclusively  dedicated to Wrist and Hand Injuries. Although, the book on “Surgery of the Hand” published by Sterling Bunnel in 1944, should be considered  a milestone in the teaching of Hand Pathology, its reading was not generalized until it was translated into Spanish by Dr. Jaime Planas in 1954. During the following years, several Meetings had been organized in Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza with the participation of foreign invited speakers such as Allieu, Haimovici, Iselin,  Matev, Morelli, Souquet, Pulvertaff, Vainio, Tubiana, Wynn Parry and others.

Foundation of the Society

The Spanish Society for Surgery of the Hand or “Sociedad Española de Cirugía de la Mano” (SECMA) was founded on 11 May 1969 by 13 Members. Four of them deserve a special recognition for their contribution to the development of Hand Surgery in Spain during the following years. Dr. Alfredo Quintana-Montero played a leadership role in the Founding of the Society, and was also the founder and director of the Revista Española de Cirugía de la Mano, created in 1973 as the official Journal of the Society. Dr. Jaime Planas translated into Spanish Sterling Bunnell’s book on Surgery of the Hand. Drs. Fernando Enríquez de Salamanca, first President of the Society, and Dr. A. Santos Palazzi-Duarte also deserve recognition for all their teachings and publications in Spain and abroad. 

Membership and Education

A steady interest in Hand Surgery is growing all over Spain. From the 29 initial Members in 1969, the Society has grown to 374 Members in 2015. Although the specialty of Hand Surgery is not recognized in Spain, as well as in most European Countries, all major hospitals have a functional Unit for Hand Surgery. The SECMA sponsors and gives accreditation to a variety of Symposia, Courses and other educational activities on Hand Surgery, such as anatomical dissection, surgical training and microsurgery labs.

Current Office Bearers (2015-2017)

President: Angel Ferreres
Vicepresident: Pilar Pradilla
Treasurer: Guillem Salvà
Secretary: Luís Aguilella
Vicesecretary: Adolfo Galán
Journal director: Fernando Corella
Journal editor: Pedro Delgado
International Delegate: Roberto S. Rosales 
Webpage: Marta Guillén and Joaquín Casañas


Guest Society E-Posters

As a part of our International Guest Hand Society program, the ASSH will feature a special electronic poster or “e-poster” section online, highlighting scientific contributions from Spanish researchers and authors.  The ASSH will provide dedicated e-poster viewing stations throughout the convention space for attendees to view posters onsite during the meeting.  Learn more about International Guest Society e-Posters.  Deadline to submit abstract: April 6.  Applicants will be notified in May 2015 of their status.  Poster authors will be asked to submit their e-poster through  For assistance with your e-poster upload please contact

Guest Society Ambassador Program

On Thursday, September 10 the ASSH will host the Guest Society Ambassador breakfast.  All attendees from Spain are encourage to RSVP to attend and be matched with an ASSH ambassador. Ambassadors will help make introductions, be available to answer questions about the ASSH, and offer a friendly hand to help our guests navigate the Annual Meeting.  To RSVP to attend or to sign up as an ambassador please contact

International Reception

All international attendees and their guests are invited to the International Reception held on Friday night, from 6:30 – 7:30 PM.  SECMA will be honored as our Guest Society.  Enjoy music, food, and drink while gathering with your international colleagues and leadership from the ASSH.

"VIP" Lounge

The "Very Important Person" VIP Lounge offers a quiet gathering place for International Attendees and Hand Foundation "Giving Circle" members.  The lounge will be open Tuesday at 3:00 PM and will close on Saturday at 4:00 PM and will feature morning and afternoon refreshments along with internet enabled computer workstations with printers.  Note: the lounge is by invitation-only to qualified AFSH donors and international attendees –spouses and families are not permitted.  

Registration & U.S. Travel Requirements

Members of the Spanish Society for Surgery of the Hand are eligible for a registration discount.  Email for your discount code before registering.  International attendees should also review travel requirements for entering the U.S., if needed.  

International Bring a Young Surgeon Program

The ASSH is excited to announce for the third year we are offering the International Bring a Young Surgeon program.  Learn how you can sponsor a trainee for a free registration to attend the Annual Meeting!

Guest Society Past Honorees include:

2014 Brazil Brazilian Society for Surgery of the Hand 
2013 Australia Australian Hand Surgery Society
Download 2013 IGHS Poster Abstract Book
2012 Korea Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand
2011 U.K. British Society for Surgery of the Hand
2010 Sweden Swedish Society for Surgery of the Hand
2009 China Chinese Hand Surgery Society
2008 France Societe Francaise de Chirugie de la Main
2007 Japan Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand
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