Order of the Complus Manus

“Complus Manus” means many hands. Together our many hands can make a meaningful difference in research, education and outreach by supporting the Hand Foundation. Candidate members who pledge $1,500 and New Active members (<3) who pledge $3,000 over three years are invited to join the Order.


All Candidate Members, regardless of join date, and any Active member who has joined ASSH during the last three years is eligible to join the Order of the Complus Manus.

Why join?

✔ Pride in knowing you support upper extremity research, education, and outreach.
✔ Receive the Order of the Complus Manus member lapel pin.
✔ Acknowledgement in the AFSH Annual Report and Weekly Member Update.
✔ Enjoy special benefits at the ASSH Annual Meeting.

Special Benefits at the Annual Meeting

✔ $50 off any one didactic pre-or post-course registration.
✔ Invitation to a donor cocktail party with leaders of the Hand Society and the Foundation.
✔ Access to the AFSH “VIP” lounge throughout the meeting.
✔ Special donor recognition.

You will continue to enjoy any corresponding Complus Manus benefits at the Annual Meeting as long as you maintain your Candidate Membership and/or are an ASSH Active Member under 8.

Ready to Sign Up?

To join Complus Manus, please contact us using one of the methods below:

  1. Pledge online: http://bit.ly/ComplusManus
  2. Call the AFSH office at (312) 880-19003.
  3. Download the pledge form and fax to (847) 384-14354.
  4. Download the pledge form and mail to AFSH, Dept 2026, PO Box 87916, Carol Stream, IL 60188 and make checks payable to the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand.

Thank you to the Complus Manus Committee for their dedication to the Order!

Chair: Marc J. Richard, MD
Members: R. Glenn Gaston, MD; Kevin J. Little, MD; Margaret K. Jain, MD

Join today to begin receiving your benefits.

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