The Prevalence of Wrist Ganglia in an Asymptomatic Population: Magnetic Resonance Evaluation

Author(s): Lowden CM, Attiah M, Garvin G, Macdermid JC, Osman S, Faber KJ.

Source:  J Hand Surg 30B: 302-306, 2005.


The authors investigated the prevalence of asymptomatic wrist ganglia by MRI in 103 volunteers.  The images were obtained with a 1.89 Tesla scanner: slice thickness of 3 mm and an interslice gap of 0.3 mm.  Wrist ganglia were identified in 53 of 103 wrists (51%), and averaged 8 mm in maximum dimension.  Palmer wrist ganglia were the most common ganglia, originating from the interval between the radioscaphocapitate and long radiolunate ligaments.

Wrist ganglia are frequently detected as incidental findings during MR imaging of the painful wrist.  The authors of this study cautioned surgeons to correlate the presence of wrist ganglia with symptoms and clinical examination findings to identify alternative diagnoses before proceeding with surgery.  It appears that ganglia are present in a strikingly large subset of the asymptomatic population.



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