The Potential Role of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in Painful Neuromas and the Mechanism of Pain Relief by Their Relocation to Muscle

Author(s): Atherton DD, Taherzadeh O, Facer P, Elliot D, Anand P

Source: J Hand Surg 31B:652-656, 2006


Nerve growth factor (NGF) stimulates sensory nerves involved in pain transmission.  The authors found elevated NGF levels in 13 painful neuromas in comparison with 6 uninjured control nerves.  In 4 cases, a painful neuroma was re-located into muscle: pain was relieved in each case and the NGF level measured at repeat surgery was similar to that of controls.

The results of this study support elevated NGF as a contributing factor to neuromatous pain.  Relocating the end of an injured nerve into muscle or bone places the nerve in an NGF-poor environment and may help to explain the utility of this procedure.  


Nerve, Neuroma, Growth, Factor

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