The Effect of Flexor Digitorum Profundus Quadriga on Grip Strength

Author(s): Horn TC, Sauerland S, Davis TRC

Source: J Hand Surg 32E: 2:130-134.


The authors studied 10 healthy volunteers, simulation varying degrees of finger stiffness to determine the effect on finger strength during power grip.  Strength measurements in the ulnar 3 digits diminished significantly when each of the other fingers, including the index, was stiffened.  However, index finger strength was unaffected by simulated stiffness of the ulnar 3 digits.

The results of this study demonstrate that the index finger, with its apparently separate FDP muscle belly, is not entirely independent from the shared FDP muscle belly of the ulnar 3 digits.  An obliquely oriented soft-tissue connection between the index and ulnar 3 finger FDP musculotendinous units could explain this phenomenon.


Profundus, Flexor, Tendon, Strength

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