Symposium: Advances in Anatomy of the Upper Extremity

Author(s): Botte MJ and Doyle JR

Source: Clinical Orthopedics


This symposium includes detailed summaries of the wrist skeleton, (Viegas), the wrist ligaments (Berger), the extensor tendons (Von Schroeder and Botte), the flexor tendons (Doyle), and the intrinsic muscles of the hand (Von Schroeder and Botte). It also includes three articles on vascular anatomy, including the hand (Gellman et al.), carpus (Freidman et al.) and distal radius (Shin and Bishop). In addition, there are current concept reviews of the forearm interosseous membrane (McGinley and Kozin) and the elbow ligaments (Cohen and Bruno).

It provides an excellent review of our current understanding of the functional anatomy of the upper extremity. The reviews are thorough and well written and many of the authors have been major contributors to the topics covered.

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