The Outcome of Surgical Treatments for Primary Dupuytren’s Disease – a Systematic Review

Author(s): Becker GW, Davis TR

Source: J Hand Surg 35E:623-626, 2010.


The authors performed a systematic review of surgical treatments for primary Dupuytren’s contracture.  Sixty-nine English language references between 1946 and 2009 met their study inclusion criteria.  There were 3 Level I studies, 2 Level II studies, 2 Level III studies, and 62 level IV studies.  The authors found wide disparity in scoring systems, definitions of recurrence, follow-up intervals, and recording of complications.  They concluded that the evidence does not clearly support one procedure above another.  

A critical comparison of surgical techniques in treating primary Dupuytren’s contracture is currently not possible due to inconsistencies in reporting.   Future prospective randomized studies would be invaluable in comparing operative treatments, as well as  treatments with collagenase injections.   An agreed upon definition of disease recurrence and adoption of uniform outcome measurement tools would be useful in this endeavor.