Juxtacortical Chondroma of the Hand: Treatment by Resection of the Tumour and the Adjacent Bone Cortex

Author(s): Takada A, Nishida J, Akasaka T, Shiraishi H, Furumachi K, Tajima K, Okada K, Shimamura T

Source:  J Hand Surg 30B:401-405, 2005.


The authors present 5 cases of periosteal chondroma of the hand.  Excision of the tumor in 4 cases included resection of the underlying bone cortex, with no recurrences at a minimum follow-up of 2 years.  One patient was treated with marginal excision only, without resection of the underlying bone cortex: this lesion recurred at < 12 years.  In the authors’ review of the literature, an overall recurrence rate of 15% (6 of 39 cases) was noted for tubular bones of the hand.  However, in patients who had undergone tumor excision with concomitant resection of the underlying bone cortex, there were no reported recurrences.

Periosteal chondroma (juxtacortical chondroma) is a rare, benign cartilaginous tumor that arises on the surface of bone.  Intralesional curettage or marginal excision is generally the recommended treatment.  The authors of this study suggested concurrent excision of the underlying bone cortex.  However, given the benign characteristics of the lesion and the seemingly low recurrence rate, the potential for loss of structural bone integrity and impaired hand function should be considered when deciding upon the extent of resection.



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