Procedural DVD Library


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Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

An eleven-disc set of presentations from the original ASSH DVD Library. This library covers topics such as wrist, tendons, arthritis, reconstructive microsurgery, Dupuytrens and others. A new disc covering wrist examination is included, courtesy of the efforts of William B. Kleinman, MD.

DVD 1 – Neuromuscular
DVD 2 – Wrist A
DVD 3 – Wrist B
DVD 4 – Arthritis
DVD 5 – Tendons
DVD 6 – Reconstructive Microsurgery
DVD 7 – Microsurgery and Others
DVD 8 – Other Wrist and Hand Conditions
DVD 9 – Dupuytren’s Disease
DVD 10 – Nerve Grafting
DVD 11 - Examination Of The Wrist

View the table of contents for a full listing of the titles on each disc.

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