Hand Surgery Update 3

 Edited by Thomas Trumble, MD

Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

A concise review of the cutting-edge advances as well as core knowledge in upper extremity surgery, written for residents, fellows, and hand surgeons. The chapters and annotated bibliographies are written by authorities in the field and are organized to highlight the essentials--as well as recent developments--related to advances in upper extremity surgical care.

This edition features 12 distinct sections—totaling 52 chapters written by over 80 contributors. Section topics include:

Hand Fractures and Joint Injuries
Distal Radius Fractures and DRUJ Injuries
Carpal Injuries and Disorders
Tendon Injuries and Tenosynovitis
Soft Tissue: Experimental Studies, Disorders and Infections
Tissue Defects and Vascular Disorders
Pediatric Hand
Elbow and Forearm Shoulder

Hand Surgery Update #3 also includes annotated bibliographies at the end of each chapter, a complete index to accelerate your review, and hundreds of high-quality photos and illustrations to support the content.

©American Society for Surgery of the Hand 2003