Global Service Data for Hand Surgery


Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

Edited by John M. Bednar, MD and Daniel J. Nagle, MD

This edition of the Global Service Data for Hand Surgery is a vital resource for any hand surgery practice.

This easy-to-use reference guide contains commonly used hand surgery codes and is an invaluable tool for interpreting CPT codes and billing insurance.



Integumentary System (11010–15758)
Musculoskeletal System: General (20000–20985)
Musculoskeletal System: Forearm and Wrist (25000–25931)
Musculoskeletal System: Hand and Fingers (26010–26952)

Arthroscopy: Upper Extremity (29805–29848; 29900–29902)

Casts and Strapping (29049–29740)

Cardiovascular System (35184–37618)

Nervous System (64455–64911)

Emerging Technology (0019T–0055T)