Complications in Orthopaedics: Shoulder Arthroscopy

Xavier A. Duralde, MD, Editor

Published by: AAOS

General Information

Be ready to quickly recognize, assess, and ultimately manage complications related to shoulder arthroscopy.

Area of Focus: Shoulder & Upper Extremity and Arthroscopy

This important new resource will also help you prevent complications with a better understanding of how problems develop.

Each chapter presents a description of a specific complication of shoulder arthroscopy in the context of patient cases, followed by an in-depth discussion of treatment options, case management outcomes, and strategies to minimize complications.

Complications explored include:

  Bleeding problems
  Severe edema
  Neurologic injuries
  Failure of rotator cuff repair
  Failed subacromial decompression
  Inadequate AC joint resection
  Recurrent instability following Bankart repair
  Failed repair of a SLAP lesion
  Stiffness following instability repair

Table of Contents