Complications in Orthopaedics: Distal Radius Fractures

Steven Friedman, MD, Editor

Published by: AAOS

General Information

Common complications (and how to prevent them!)

Area of Focus: Hand & Wrist and Trauma

The distal radius is one of the most complex structures in the human body - and fractures in this region can easily lead to complications. This newest volume in the Academy's Complications in Orthopaedics series will help you prevent complications of the distal radius and be ready to treat them effectively when they occur. Each chapter presents case examples of complications including initial treatment, alternate revision procedures, which approach was ultimately chosen and why.

Cases in this volume include:

  Distal Radioulnar Joint
  Radiocarpal and Distal Radioulnar Joint Contracture
  Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and Other Nerve Trauma
  Hardware Complications
  Associated Injuries

Complications in Orthopaedics is a richly illustrated, in-depth case-based discussion of treatment options for specific orthopaedic complications - and how to prevent the complications from occurring in the first place! The Monograph Series draws on current literature to support diagnosis, initial treatment, and management decision making for specific orthopaedic conditions.


Table of Contents