Advanced Techniques in Reconstruction: 2 Disc DVD Set

 Captured during the 2003 Annual Meeting Precourse in Chicago

Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

This technique-based DVD set covers reconstructive surgical options for post-traumatic and arthritic conditions of the elbow, forearm and distal radioulnar joint. Cadaveric demonstrations are featured to depict various surgical procedures in a step-by-step fashion with emphasis on technical pearls. Indications, pitfalls and complications are also reviewed.

Upon viewing the procedures featured in this DVD set, the viewer will be able to:

- Determine the most appropriate reconstructive upper extremity procedures
- Understand the risks, benefits and expected outcomes for each and perform the operations with a greater understanding of technical details that may lead to improved clinical outcomes

DVD #1:
LCL Reconstruction - Hill Hastings, MD
MCL Reconstruction - Mark S. Cohen, MD
Stiffness—Lateral Release - Jesse B. Jupiter, MD
Stiffness—Medial Release - Robert N. Hotchkiss, MD
Biceps Repair - Thomas W. Wright, MD
Total Elbow Semi-Constrained - Graham J.W. King, MD
Total Elbow Non-Constrained - William B. Geissler, MD

DVD #2:
IOM B-L-B Reconstruction - A. Lee Osterman, MD
IOM Salvage—One Bone Forearm - Scott W. Wolfe, MD
DRUJ Stabilization—Arthroscopic - David S. Ruch, MD
DRUJ Stabilization—Open - Mark E. Baratz, MD
DRUJ Stabilization—Reconstruction - Brian D. Adams, MD
DRUJ Release - William B. Kleinman, MD
DRUJ Salvage—Soft Tissue - Jeffery A. Greenberg, MD
DRUJ Salvage—Arthroplasty - Richard A. Berger, MD, PhD