ASSH DVD Library #13: 2008 Collection


Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

This DVD Collection includes:

     "Vascular Joint Transpantation for Radial Club Hand" Prof. Simo K. Vikki, MD, PhD

     "Percutaneous Fixation of Displaced Scaphoid Fractures" Greg Merrell, MD and Joseph F. Slade, III, MD

     "The Krukenberg Procedure for Children" John F. Lawrence, MD and Hugh Watts, MD

     "Techniques in Hand Surger: Flexor Origin Slide Using the Extender Ulnar Approach" Murtaza Rizvi, MD, Brian Bille, MD, Mike Lehoang, MD, and Michael Pitzakis, MD

     "Lateral Epicondylar Osteotomy for Enhanced Lateral Elbow Exposure" Rick F. Papandrea, MD



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