ASSH DVD Library #10: History of Hand Surgery & ASSH


Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

1. The First 25 Years of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand – Personal Reflections - J. Leonard Goldner, MD (25:00) These personal recollections extend form the first meeting to the 25th meeting. The author recounts impressions of the original founder, Sterling Bunnell, informal activities at the business meetings and the gradual development of the Society from a relatively small group of founders to a membership of 125 at the 25th Annual Meeting in 1970. This videotape demonstrates the importance of defined goals and productive leaders that brought the American Society for Surgery of the Hand to its current position in education and research. Produced in 1996 by J. Leonard Goldner, MD.

2. Presidential Reflections: The Hand Society’s First 50 Years - Roy A. Meals, MD (28:00) With excerpts taken from videotaped interviews, 33 past presidents tell the history of the Hand Society's first 50 years. Highlighted topics include the birth of The Journal of Hand Surgery and the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand, growth of membership and the annual meeting, and development of political and economic influences. Produced in 1995 by Roy A. Meals, MD.

3. Conversations with the Founders - Roy A. Meals, MD (38:00) More than 40 years later, the events leading up to the first organizational meeting and early days of the Society are recalled in videotape through interviews with founding members. They discuss the seminal roles of Sterling Bunnell and other early hand surgeons, and the profound effects of World War II on the creation of a new surgical specialty. These personal collections provide valuable insights into the development of hand surgery in North America. Produced in 1989, edited by Roy A. Meals, MD, and interviews conducted by Society members.


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