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 How ASSH Advocates for Fair Reimbursement for Hand Surgeons

ASSH: At Work for Fair Reimbursement of Hand Surgeons

ASSH is actively involved in making sure hand surgeons are fairly reimbursed for their work. How physician reimbursement is determined in the United States is complex. Understanding this process and how to accomplish change within in takes a long time. Through close relationships with the AMA, AAOS, ASPS, other specialty societies, ASSH contributes to the creation, edit, and revaluation of CPTTM codes for hand surgery. In addition, the ASSH Coding and Physician Reimbursement Committee takes an active role in monitoring changes to existing codes, and in advocating for corrections to those codes that are no longer accurate. The Committee also responds to coding questions from ASSH members and their staffs.

How ASSH has become involved in advocating for fair pay for hand surgeons

  • New CPT code creation & valuation
  • Editing existing codes
  • Publication of guidelines for using new codes, both through the AMA and ASSH
  • Providing input on the assistants at surgery database
  • Correction of the PLI  calculation for hand surgery
  • Regularly monitoring CCI edits and intervening when necessary ( Drs. Filler and Nahra)
  • Creation of a Global Services Guide to Hand Surgery (Drs. Bednar and Nagle)
  • Creation of the ICD-9CM Guide to Hand Surgery (Dr. Wehbe)
  • Regular interaction with AMA CPC Editorial panel via our Advisor including: taking time off to attend the AMA CPT meetings and providing content and editorial advice to the CPT staff regarding hand related issues
  • Regular Interaction with the AMA RUC via our advisor including: taking time off to attend the AMA RUC meetings; providing input on values for hand surgery-related codes; reporting on current information regarding government actions affecting hand surgery and medicine in general
  • Participation on AMA RUC Subcommittees i.e., the AMA RUC Surgical Executive Committee dealing with the E&M issues of the third Five Year Review
  • Surveying the membership as needed to gather information for code valuation
  • Creation and online distribution of Coding Corner several times a year
  • Assisting members and their staffs with coding questions
  • Overseeing the development of the annual Coding Course at the ASSH Annual Meeting

This list is far from complete. For a better understanding of the work of ASSH and the Coding and Physician Reimbursement Committee, contact a member of the ASSH Coding and Reimbursement Committee.